Extension: Exchange Rates

Hello guys, this is Sai Mahalakshmi G, and my team name is Hive, I’m one of the team member and the leader of the team.

Making a project is one of the difficult task where one faces a lot of difficulties but what the most difficult part that my team faced is the part where we had to choose a topic for our project. It was so confusing as this was our first time doing an extension project but surely it is not the first time we are doing a project together. So, at first we decided to do a project based on WhatsApp in which we can change the theme of the desktop WhatsApp using various API’s but since we couldn’t able to find the proper API so we decided to do the project based on the API which is available so we came up with the plan of doing the extension based on the exchange money, after many meetings and searching for the perfect topic, we came to up this.

So, we began our project by searching about this API and what exactly is extension and then we made the API work in our project that was a whole lot of big process, it drained our most of the confidence since in the beginning it was not working properly but soon when we decided to take others help out of our team, hence, we some how managed to put up all together.

Our project EXCHANGE RATES is based on exchange money rates. This project focuses on the money rates in various countries, where the user enters the source country code and the destination country code then, our extension returns the exchange rate between the two countries based on the day to day stats.

For instance, if the user enter the USD in the source country and INR in the destination country then the output would be 72.55.

Some of the screenshots:

Template of how the extension looks.

Our extension solely focuses on the conversion rates based on the source country, it can work even if you mention the code in non-capital letters.

For anymore queries or doubts please check the following repository:

Thank you so much ❤